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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial version or a free demo available?

Yes. A 15-day free trial is offered (no credit card details required), where you can get hands-on experience with all the functionalities. Customized demo is also available with our expert team. Try it out and determine if the platform can fulfill your business needs.

Is there a separate license to monitor resources in multiple Azure subscriptions?

No, it’s just a single license. But the pricing may vary based on the number of resources and the type of hosting you chosen (SaaS/Private Hosting). Check out our pricing page for further details.

Advantages of using Business Applications for Azure monitoring?

Business Application represents a logical grouping of Azure resources that can be from multiple tenants, subscriptions, regions and resource groups. As a result, it supports monitoring those resources from an application context and consolidated error reporting.

Does the platform support only Azure?

With the Business Activity Monitoring module, it’s possible to track the data flow via the independent components deployed across Azure and On-prem (BizTalk Server).

Do you offer Pay-as-you-go options?

Not available as of now. You will only pay for pay for your annual subscription.

Do you offer volume discounts and commit pricing?

Yes, for volume users with an annual commitment