Watch Monitor
  • 25 Sep 2020
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Watch Monitor

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Article Summary

Business Scenario

Organizations prefer Serverless orchestrations to automate their business processes. Azure serverless compute service, Azure Functions and serverless workflows, Logic Apps are widely used to define complex orchestrations. An orchestration is a collection of functions or steps called as actions in Logic Apps, that are executed to accomplish complex task.
Detecting any failure in the business orchestration is a need of the serverless era. Watch monitor in Serverless360 fulfills this requirement.

Watch Monitor- Failure Monitor

Watch monitor in Serverless360 can notify the failure of Logic Apps or Azure Functions in near real time. The notification can be received on the configured notification channels. Watch monitor is designed to start monitoring with minimal configuration, and provide a failure report, within 5 minutes of the failure, with necessary information to take corrective action.

How to add a Watch?

To watch an resource - a Logic App or an Azure Function, associating it to a composite application is a prerequisite

Every composite application will have a default watch monitor. However, it is also possible to add any number of watch monitors permitted. In every watch monitor multiple Logic Apps and Azure Functions from that composite application can be included. User can edit the watch monitor notification channel configuration.
Watch Monitor

Watch Monitoring on Logic Apps

Watch monitoring on Logic Apps will look for any failure in the trigger history or run history. In case of a trigger or a run failure, the watch monitor would trigger an alert with failure reason on the configured notification channels. Below is a sample watch monitor report on a Logic App run action failure.

Watch Monitoring on Azure Function

It is possible to add specific functions of an Azure Function App to a Watch monitor. Watch monitoring in Azure Functions would look for any failed invocation in the associated Azure functions by investigating its invocation logs. In case of any invocation failure, the watch monitor will trigger an alert with failure reason, on the configured notification channels.
Watch monitor report

With Serverless360 watch monitoring in place any failure in the orchestration due to error in execution of Logic App or Azure Function can be brought into the notice of the required team to take necessary action in near real time.

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