Switching between Publish Platforms
  • 09 Nov 2020
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Switching between Publish Platforms

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How to switch publish platforms between Document360 and Storage Account?

While configuring a CloudDoc, you would be prompted to choose a publish platform (Document360/PDF in Storage Account) following which your first documents gets generated.

You can change the target publish platform at a later stage.

To do this, you need to go to the Publish Settings tab and click on Change Publish Platform button available on the top right.

Switching from Document360 to Storage Account

You would be prompted to enter the connection string of the required Storage Account.

Switching from Storage Account to Document360

You would be prompted to enter the Document360 Project name and API token of the required Document360 Project.

Switching from one Storage Account to Another

You can also switch from one Storage Account to another when you have it as the current publishing platform. To do that you need to use the Change Publish Platform button. You just need to go to the Publish Settings tab, click on edit button and provide the connection string of the new Storage Account required.

Change Publish Platform 1.gif

  • The documents that were generated in the last active publish platforms will remain unaffected after a switch is performed. Documents generated after the switch would get generated in the switched platform.
  • After one successful switch, from Document360 to Azure Storage account, if a second switch is attempted back to Document360, you can only switch back to the Document360 project configured earlier. You cannot provide a new Document360 project at this stage.
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