SQL Database Monitoring
  • 25 Sep 2020
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SQL Database Monitoring

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Azure SQL Database is a general-purpose relational database-as-a-service (DBaaS) based on the latest stable version of Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. SQL Database is a high-performance, reliable, and secure cloud database that you can use to build data-driven applications and websites in the programming language of your choice, without needing to manage infrastructure.

Associating Azure SQL Database to Composite Application

Associating Azure SQL Database into Composite Application providing authorized credentials, username and password of the database.

Serverless360 facilitates Data Monitoring and Query monitoring on Azure SQL database. Data Monitoring on Azure SQL Database metrics does not require SQL credentials (username and password) where as to perform Query monitoring valid SQL credentials are required.
Below is an illustration on associating an Azure SQL Database to a Composite Application.
Associating SQL DB

Once an Azure SQL Database is associated with a Composite Application in Serverless360, it is possible to monitor the Azure SQL Database in various perspectives using the monitors in Serverless360.

Monitor Azure SQL Database based on Metrics

If the intention is to understand the efficiency, reliability or consumption of the Azure SQL Database then the choice should be a Serverless360 Data Monitor. Data Monitoring can be configured for an Azure SQL Database on an extensive set of metrics.
The table below lists down the combination of metrics to monitor the Azure SQL Database in various perspectives using Serverless360 Data Monitor.

Monitoring PurposeMetrics to Choose
Check the used percentage of CPU, Data IO, Log IO, DTUCPU Percentage (%),Data IO Percentage (%), Log IO Percentage (%), DTU Percentage (%)
Check the Data space usedData space used (Bytes)
Check the number of Successful, Failed connections to the databaseSuccessful Connections (Count), Failed Connections (Count)
Check the number of calls blocked by FirewallBlocked by Firewall (Count)
Check the number of Deadlocks detectedDeadlocks (Count)
Check the used percentage of Data spaceData space used percent (%)
Check the DTU LimitDTU Limit (Count)
Check the DTU UsedDTU used (Count)
Check the Data space allocatedData space allocated (Bytes)

Data Monitor can be configured for various combination of metrics to meet the monitoring requirements. Data monitor on Azure SQL Database can be set as in the illustration below

Associating SQL DB to DATA MONITOR

Note: All the Azure SQL Databases associated within a Composite Application can be monitored on their metrics.

Query Based Monitoring on Azure SQL Database

If the monitoring requirement is to get alerts when a scalar query fired on the Azure SQL Database fail to meet the expected value, then the choice should be Serverless360 Watch Monitor.
A scalar query can be associated to a watch monitor along with the warning and error threshold values. The query will be executed on the Azure SQL database at the specified frequency in the watch monitor. If the result of the query violates any of the threshold values defined, alerts will be sent through the notification channels configured in the watch monitor.

Watch Monitor for Sql DataBase

Note : To perform Query Monitoring on an Azure SQL Database, it should be associated with the Composite Application providing username and password.

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