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The first screen under Resource Map is the Resources section where Azure resources from different subscriptions will be synced to Resource Map of Serverless360. These resources are brought into Serverless360 with the help of the service principal.

Associating Service Principal

To enable Resource Map and pull in Azure resources to Serverless360 portal service principal is required.

  1. Click on the Associate Service Principal option and provide the necessary credentials.
  2. Enable the Resource Map checkbox to ensure the access to Resource Map.

For using Resource Map, the Service principal needs reader access for the entire subscription

Sync Resources

Once the service principal is associated, Azure resources must be synced into Serverless360 before performing any operation on them. Following are the steps to sync the resources,

  1. Move into the Resources section and click on Sync Resources button.
    Sync Resource

  2. Once all the resources are synced, four tabs will be displayed.

  • Unmapped Resources
  • Resources
  • Recent resources
  • Ignored Resources
  • Rules
  1. Resources can be synced automatically at any time by enabling Auto sync option or can be done manually by clicking on Sync Resources option

  2. During initial sync the resource count under unmapped resources, resources and recently synced are same.

  3. The synced resources are displayed in a clickable link format which when clicked, displays the properties of the resource.

Mapping the resources

  1. To map the resources into a specific scope, select the resource and click on the Map Resources button. If the unmapped resources are mapped to a specific scope it moves to the resources tab. A resource can be mapped to more than one scope.

  2. If the resources are recently synced after the first sync it will be listed under the recently synced section.

Ignore Resources

Resources which are created for testing, POC or any temporary use can be moved to the Ignored resources by selecting it and clicking on Ignore Resources button.
Ignore resource

Remove Unavailable Resources

  1. Unavailable resources are the resources which are synced to Resource Map but deleted in Azure portal.
  2. The Remove unavailable resources button appears when any of the synced resources are deleted in Azure portal. By clicking on that, all the unavailable resources synced to Serverless360 will be removed.
    Unavailable Resources
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