Other Resources
  • 12 Oct 2020
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Other Resources

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Article Summary


Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of cloud services to help Organisations meet their business needs.
Serverless360 provides solution to the challenges in managing and monitoring those resources in an application context. Serverless360's ‘Other Resources‘ can accomodate those Azure resources. These are the few resources which can be associated in other resources section:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Networks
  • Redis Cache
  • sshPublicKeys
  • Server Farms
  • Azure Key Vault, etc

Associating Other Resources

On clicking ‘Associate Resources-> Other Resources’ in ‘manage Resources’ section of Composite Application, an association blade will be diaplayed which allows the user to select the resource type of the resource that needs to be associated’ in the corresponding Composite Application.
Then users can view the properties of the Associated resources and perform Data monitoring on them.


Serverless360 enables users to create custom widgets which reflect the key performance indicators of the associated resources.


Service Map

These resources can also be added to the Service Map section in Serverless360. You can find extensive documentation on Service Map [here].

Data Monitoring for Other Resources

If the intention is to understand the efficiency, reliability or consumption of the any Azure resources then the choice of monitoring should be Serverless360's Data Monitor. Please refer extensive documentation on Data Monitor. Data Monitoring can be configured for an Azure resource on an extensive set of metrics.

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