• 25 Sep 2020
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Article Summary

Serverless360 understands the problems faced by enterprises and offers an out-of-the-box monitoring solution that assists administrators to monitor the distributed Azure Services grouped in an integration solution. An enterprise integration solution may contain multiple Azure services being used, these resources from various subscriptions can be grouped together in a Serverelss360 Composite Application to make a more meaningful monitoring.

Types of Monitors

Monitoring is essential to keep an eye on Serverless components to understand if they are functioning as expected. Monitors in Serverless360 can be configured to check multiple resources as a group. Resources can be monitored at property level against desired values and alerts can be forwarded to different notification channels like Slack, Teams, Webhook etc.. In Serverless360, you can configure 5 main types of monitors to meet various business needs.

Threshold Monitor: Monitor your resources when certain properties violate desired values for a specified period, say few seconds / minutes.
Status Monitor: Generate report at specific times in a day representing the state of resources against the desired values.
Data Monitor: Configure to get notified on efficiency or reliability or consumption of the Azure resources by monitoring their extensive list of metrics.
Watch Monitor: Get notified in near real time on the failure of associated Logic App or Azure Functions.
Business Process Monitor: Monitor your BAM query and get exception alerts on the configured business process.
### Threshold Monitor
Threshold alarms in Serverless360 can be set to send immediate (or based on configurable persist duration) alerts when a threshold condition is violated on the resource. If required, you can configure to monitor threshold violation only during specific times on days (say, weekdays between 0900 and 1800), which is useful if you wanted to monitor only during business hours. You can also limit the number of alerts that will be sent (otherwise you may end up in indefinite number of alerts being received for the same issue). Read More...
### Status Monitor
It's a common practice in any integration solution for the support people, to maintain daily/weekly routine to take a look at the overall status of the integration solution(s). Serverless360 can help in automating that process by creating a daily health check/status monitor at set timing (ex: Mon-Fri, 11 AM). When you are creating a "Status Monitoring ", you can configure the frequency at which the Resource properties should be evaluated against the specified warning and error threshold values. You can configure the days/times as per your convenience/requirement. Read More...

Data Monitor

How many times in a day does your support person have to watch for ‘Trigger Runs Succeeded’ in a particular Logic App and take an appropriate action, or look out for ‘Total Billable Executions’? We understood that it would be nice if there was a way to set up monitoring on a set of metrics and get notified when the resource doesn’t perform based on Business SLA? Yes, that’s exactly what Serverless360 achieves through the concept of data monitoring. Read More...

Watch Monitor

Consider a business orchestration where a Logic App and Function App play a critical role. Failure in the Logic App or Function App is not acceptable as it would bring the business process down. Serverless360 watch monitor can continuously monitor the Trigger and Run history of an associated Logic App and notify the failure reason through the configured notification channels. In case of Function App the invocation Log will be investigated to identify a failure. Watch monitors proves to notify the failure in the orchestration within the configured minutes (between 5 and 15 mins) of its occurance. Read More...

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Business Process Monitor

Consider a salesperson who would need an alert when the count of failed transactions goes beyond the certain limit at a location or alert whenever there is an Exception. For achieving these requirements, there will be a need of a powerful monitoring tool that works on various perspectives. Serverless360 comes with the out of box monitoring solution for monitoring business processes based on queries and exceptions called Business Process Monitor. It is also possible to view the historical record of alert reports in calendar view.

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