Getting Started
  • 19 Nov 2020
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Getting Started

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We have made the configuration simple to get started with generating the documentation with few steps.

CloudDocs is one of the core features of Serverless360. It uses Service Principal configured from your Azure Active directory to access your Azure Subscription.

What is a Service Principal?

A Service Principal is an application within Azure Active Directory, which is authorized to access Azure Subscription or Resource Groups or Resources in Azure. Serverless360 uses the authentication tokens of the Service Principal to manage the resources.

Document360, an online Knowledge Base authoring and publishing platform can be used to publish the documentation generated by CloudDocs. This provides your readers with easy and restricted access to the documentation.


To generate documentation, the following are the pre-requisites:

  1. An account with Serverless360
    Sign Up for a new Serverless360 account.

  2. Service Principal
    A Service Principal object in your Active Directory with Reader access to your Azure Subscription for which the documentation needs to be generated.

Learn how to authorize Service Principal for your Azure Subscription and configure it with Cloud Docs here.

Reader Role Assignment.gif

  1. To publish as PDF File
    By default, CloudDocs comes with a storage location at Serverless360, If you prefer the technical documentation to be generated as a PDF file. Alternately, you can choose to store it in your storage blobs by providing the connection string.

Access Keys.png

  1. To publish it online
    An account with Document360 Sign Up for a Document360 new account.

For more details, read Create a Document360 account

To get a seamless experience in generating Cloud Docs, please sign up in Document360 with the same email id used for signing up to Serverless360.

  • If Serverless360 and Document360 signup accounts are different. It is always advisable to add the Serverless360 account user as a team member in Document360.
  • In case the account used for signing up into Serverless360 is an Active Directory account, please add the contact email id provided in Serverless360 as a user to Document360.

Adding team members in Document360

  1. A new project in Document360 and an API token to establish integration between Serverless360 Cloud Docs and Document360.

It is very important to note the correct project name and API Token from Document360

Ensure that you have site access visibility as Private for the Document360 account configured with CloudDocs. Read more

How to get access to a project and its API token within Document360?

After signing up for an account in Document360 (the instructions are provided in the Prerequisites section above), please follow the instructions in the articles listed below:
Create a project in Document360
Generate API token within Document360

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