Email Authentication
  • 18 Jun 2020
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Email Authentication

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Article Summary

Serverless360 now offers options in the authentication mode.

  1. Active Directory
  2. Email (Username and Password)

The decision on authentication mode can be made at the time of initial sign up. This article focuses on the Email mode of authentication in Serverless360.

Sign Up using Email

Any Serverless360 user who prefers a quick start with the application can choose to sign up by providing minimal required details like email id and phone number (only in case of SaaS).

Activate Account

On successful sign up user would recieve a verification email similar to one shown below, with the activation link. activationEmail.PNG

The activation link will land the user on the activation page where the user can set basic profile details and password. This completes the account activation process. This user will be added as the Serverless360 Administrator.
Email Sign up

Add Users

The Serverless360 Administrator can add users to any of the existing roles or any created custom role by sending an email invitation to the user. This action can be performed under User Management in the Settings section.

Add User Email

The added user will be sent an email invitation as below,


Switching Authentication

  1. User can switch from one authentication to another by clicking on the Switch Authentication Mode under the user profile.
    Switch Authentication

  2. This will redirect the user to the other authentication sign-up.
    AD Switch

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