Data Factory Monitoring
  • 26 Jun 2020
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Data Factory Monitoring

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Article Summary

Data Factory Monitoring

When a Data Factory is associated with Serverless360 Composite Application, it is possible to monitor Data Factory in various perspectives using the monitors in Serverless360.

Monitoring Azure Data Factory State

If Azure Data Factory is one of the key resources in your Business, if it's state(with all the Properties having values as expected) meeting the expectation is critical. Use Status Monitor in Serverless360 to get alert via any of the Notification channels available when the resource is not in the expected state.

Status monitor

Monitoring your Azure Data Factory also includes

Trigger Monitoring

Acheive Monitoring on Data Factory Triggers

Enable Status monitor for Data Factory Triggeres and check whether the current state is like the expected state, if not get notified.
Monitor Triggers

Auto Correct Azure Data Factory Triggers State

Enable Threshold Monitor and be rest assured that your Data Factory Trigger is always in the expected state.
Threshold Monitor

Monitoring Azure Data Factory based on Metrics

If the intension is to monitor and get notified when ever specific values or data in Data Factory is breached then you can acheive it through Serverless360's Data Monitor.

Monitoring PurposeMetrics to Choose
Cancelled RunsCancelled activity runs, Cancelled pipeline runs metrics, Cancelled trigger runs metrics
Failed RunsFailed activity runs, Failed pipeline runs, Failed trigger runs
Succeeded RunsSucceeded activity runs ,Succeeded pipeline runs metrics, Succeeded trigger runs
Integration runtimeIntegration runtime available memory (Bytes), ntegration runtime available node count (Count), Integration runtime CPU utilization (%), Integration runtime queue duration (Seconds), Integration runtime queue length (Count)
Factory SizeMaximum allowed factory size (GB unit), Total factory size (GB unit)
Entities CountMaximum allowed entities count, Total entities count

You can even perform cross comparion on these metrics for better efficiency.
cross comparision

Get Historical reports of performance of Data Factory using the DataMonitor Dashboard.

If the intention of the user is to get the total number of Succeeded pipeline runs or any run details in the past, they can use DataMonitor Dashboard.
Historic Data

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