Cosmos Table Monitoring
  • 12 Oct 2020
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Cosmos Table Monitoring

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Article Summary

Monitor Azure Cosmos Table based on Metrics

If the intention is to understand the utilization or consumption of the Azure Cosmos Table, then the choice should be a Serverless360 Data Monitor. Data Monitoring can be configured for an Azure Cosmos Table on an extensive set of metrics.
The metrics to monitor the Azure Cosmos Table in various perspectives using Serverless360 Data Monitor are listed below.

  • Autoscale Max Throughput (Count)
  • AzureTable Table Created (Count)
  • AzureTable Table Deleted (Count)
  • AzureTable Table Throughput Updated (Count)
  • AzureTable Table Updated (Count)
  • Data Usage (Bytes)
  • Index Usage (Bytes)
  • Metadata Requests (Count)
  • Normalized RU Consumption (%)
  • Provisioned Throughput (Count)
  • Server Side Latency (MilliSeconds)
  • Total Request Units (Count)
  • Total Requests (Count)

Data Monitor can be configured for various combinations of metrics to meet the monitoring requirements. The data monitor on Azure Cosmos Table can be set as in the illustration below.


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