Common Alert Time zone
  • 28 Aug 2020
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Common Alert Time zone

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Common Alert Time zone Configuration

User can configure/change the time zone on which the individual monitors will send notifications through the selected notification channels. What if there is a need to change the alert time zone for all the existing monitors?

Serverless360 provides Common Alert Time zone configuration which can be used to update all the existing monitors' time zone across the application in one go. Also, when user creates a new monitor, the configured time zone will be automatically set which is configurable.

Configuring common alert time zone

User can configure the common time zone as mentioned in the below illustration

Go to Settings > System Settings


After selecting the time zone, user can choose to apply the time zone to all the existing monitors. Select the appropriate option, Click OK to apply the changes.

Whenever a user creates a new monitor, the common alert time zone set across the application is displayed which can be configured anytime.


The common alert time zone update is captured in the Governance and Audit section of Serverless360, so that the Administrator and Super Users can get to know about the change occurred and who performed the operation.


Only Admin/Super users are able to configure the common alert time zone.

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