• 06 Nov 2020
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1. What type of resources does CloudDocs support?

CloudDocs supports all Resource Types in Microsoft Azure Subscription.

2. Does CloudDocs support documentation of Azure Active Directory?

Not currently. We do have plans to include them in future versions.

3. What is Document360?

Document360 is an online Knowledge Base authoring and publishing platform. You can create documents for your internal team use, product documents, or any other type of documentation to be published and accessed by your readers online.

4. Why CloudDocs integration to Document360 is needed?

Most of the time, the documents generated are shared as PDF or word file using and file share, shared folders, email, or any other collaboration tools. It is a very cumbersome process when the same must be edited or shared with many stakeholders. Managing the versions, documentation history, shared folders, and access rights get difficult over a period.

It will be a great experience to automatically publish the generated documentation and provide read access rights to the stakeholders. Document360 provides this capability. Documents generated by CloudDocs can be published through our Document360 Knowledge Base platform via a secured project, where you can provide access to specific people in your team.

5. What is the pricing model for CloudDocs?

This feature is currently in preview mode. Pricing for CloudDocs will be announced soon.

6. Why integration to Document360 is charged?

Document360 is an independent product built for content management and publishing purposes. One must use any other folder share or storage to share documentation with the stakeholders which in turn incurs cost. Document360 comes with a lot of capability to publish and share the documentation online with ease.

7. What are the available platforms on which the documents can be generated?

The documents can be generated and published online using Document360 or as PDF files. PDF files can either be stored in Serverless360 blob storage or a Storage Account provided by the customer.

8. Is document generation scheduling possible?

Not currently. We have this in our backlog.

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