Searching Business Activities
  • 12 Oct 2020
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Searching Business Activities

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Article Summary

Let's assume you have your solution up and running and are using Serverless360 BAM with it.

"Where is the message?" is the billion-dollar question business users get struck with often. Search in BAM can come in as the answer.

In the Business Activity Tracking page, you can search for the transactions at ease using the BAM search language query provided,

  • the business process is associated with a composite application
  • process has transactions flowing in
  • process has got tracked properties enabled


Let's say if you have some transactions and you want to search for a specific invoice number, then if you type inv in the search bar, you will get IntelliSense for it.


Once you have entered the full query and hit search, you can see the transactions which have that particular invoice number.

BAM Transactions(3)

This search works for basically any property, global as the stage, that you configure in your Business Process.

BAM Query Language

Serverless360 has a domain-specific language that you can use to search for activities. All the properties that you have configured in the business process configuration page will be searchable, and if there are any incorrect query elements, you will be notified of what is wrong with the query.

Searching for a exact match
SenderId = "Milford"
Searching for partial match
SenderId like "%Milford%"
Searching for integer property using comparison operators
Price > 10
Searching using combinations
SenderId = "Milford" and Price > 10
Searching using groupings
(SenderId="Milford" and Price > 10) or (ReceiverId="Miles" and Price<10)

Searching Based on Elapsed Time

Serverless360 BAM also supports the option to query the transaction instances based on the Elapsed time of the transaction. The elapsed time is shown in the column Duration on the tracking page. This Search Query can also be used in Query monitors to monitor on the Duration of the transaction.

TransactionDuration < "1 ms"
TransactionDuration < "1 s"
TransactionDuration < "1 min"
TransactionDuration < "1 hr"
TransactionDuration < "1 d"

Searching Date Properties

Serverless360 allows users to search the properties of the Data Type 'Date' in a much easier way. Such properties can be searched by using the getDate() function in the Search Query.

  • For example, if you want to raise the invoices raised before 04/09/2020 09:24:26, you can use the Search Query

RaisedAt <= "getdate(04/09/2020 09:24:26)"

provided RaisedAt is the name of the tracked property and the data type of the property is Date.

  • If there is a need to search the tracked data based on the current time, we can use the following Search Query

RaisedAt <= "currenttime()"

These BAM queries can also be saved for later use. Along with the query, it is also possible to store the default display columns of the transaction records as below:

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