• 25 Feb 2020
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Below are some of the common questions we hear from customers.

BAM Functionality

These questions relate to the use of BAM features and functionality.

Difference between Global and stage properties

The simplest explination of global properties versus stage properties is that properties can be captured at every stage in a process transaction. Certain properties can be identified as global properties which means they will show in the grid used to search for transactions in addition to being available on each stage in the process at runtime.

Can a custom unique id be used as a transaction instance id?

Yes this is a feature we have. In the BAM API and Connector there is a shape/operation called Checkpoint with Correlation. Using this approach allows you to specify your own id which is used to correlate events

Logic Apps

These questions will relate to the use of BAM within Logic Apps.

Will the Logic App connector be available in Azure Market place?

At present we do not support the connector in the marketplace. We see from customer feedback that there is a preferance to use the custom connector which provides more flexibility and also there is a lead time to add the connector to the market place. Based on early customer feedback from customers we may review this decision.

BAM Architecture

These questions are about the BAM architecture.

Can the BAM infrastructure be hosted in their preferred region?

There are 2 elements to the BAM infrastructure. The BAM data and storage is hosted in your Azure subscription and you can put it anywhere you want. The BAM API and Background Processing is hosted at Kovai on the Serverless 360 SaaS platform. At present this is located in the West Europe region on Azure.

Our roadmap is to enhance the options here:

  • Soon BAM will be available on our Serverless360 Private Hosting option and you will be able to host the entire solution for Serverless360 in any Azure region you choose.
  • In the next release which will be pretty soon we will allow you to select the region you will choose to deploy your components
  • Soon we will offer you the option to run a multi-data centre option where you can have the API and workers running in multiple Azure Data Centres concurrently

How can I reduce the latency when using the BAM connectors and API

There are a few different implementation patterns you can use. By default our most straightforward implementation pattern is designed to minimize latency but in order to ensure reliable delivery of BAM events there is some latency.

If you want to reduce this latency then there is a trade off where if you want the lowest possible latency you have to be prepared to sacrifice some of the simplicity of implementation and also some of the reliability of delivery of events.

Our default approach which we think most customers will use involves a small amount of latency when you call the Start Transaction and Checkpoint tasks. The first way you could modify this is to implement the checkpoints as fire and forget style actions.

If this does not give you enough of a reduction in latency then you can also use our Checkpoint with Correlation action/api operation which allows you to implement everything with a fire and forget approach. This is slightly more complicated to implement so we would recommend this approach mainly for interfaces where you need it.

We will provide more documentation to talk through these implementation patterns to help people do them.

BAM Data Platform

This section contains questions about the data platform in your Azure Subscription.

What is the preferred configuration for the SQL DB and SQL storage account

Please refer to the page on the below link for more info. There is a section on recommendations:

Setting up BAM

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