Topic Management
  • 25 Sep 2020
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Topic Management

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Article Summary

Associate Azure Service Bus Topics to a Serverless360 Composite Application to accomplish the following operations.

Create/ Delete Topics and Topics-Subscriptions

Create or delete Topics and Topics-Subscriptions from Serverless360. One of the advantages of using Serverless360 to create Azure Service Bus Topics is the ability to set a variety of properties while creating a Topic. Create and delete actions can be restricted only to authorized users using Custom Roles. Get the user actions on the Topics and Topic Subscriptions tracked in Governance and Audit.

Creation of Service Bus Topics can be better done using property templates. Quick create Service Bus Topics using saved templates. Refer article on 'Save properties as template'

Service bustopic create

Define Topic Subscription Rules

A subscription to a topic resembles a virtual queue that receives copies of the messages that were sent to the topic. In real time business scenario, Subscribers would need to define which messages they want to receive from a topic. These messages are specified in the form of one or more named subscription rules. Each rule consists of a condition that selects messages and an action that annotates the selected message. For each matching rule condition, the subscription produces a copy of the message, which may be differently annotated for each matching rule.
Each newly created topic subscription has an initial default subscription rule. If you don't explicitly specify a filter condition for the rule, the applied filter is the true filter that enables all messages to be selected into the subscription. The default rule has no associated annotation action.

Creating a Topic Subscription Rule is not possible through Azure portal.
Serverless360 can help define and manage Topic Subscription Rules to auto filter messages into Topic subscriptions as they arrive in the Topic. If not Serverless360, the user should develop custom application to achieve the business need of auto filtering messages into respective Topic Subscriptions.

SBT Rules

Modify State

Modify state of a Service Bus Topics and Topic-Subscriptions from Serverless360. Set one of the following status to meet business needs which is not possible through the Azure portal. Status of a Service Bus Topic can be set to one of the following:

  • Active
  • Disabled
  • Send Disabled

SBT Properties

Status of a Topic Subscription can be set to one of the following:

  • Active
  • Disabled
  • Receive Disabled

View and Edit properties

Define Topics and Topic- Subscriptions with appropriate properties that handle the message they deal with. At any point in time, redefine the properties to meet the business demand.
SBT edit properties

Manage Shared Access Policies

Create and manage Shared Access Polices that let the applications interact with the Topic Subscriptions. Create policies with selected permissions and regenerate the primary and secondary keys when required from Serverless360 itself.
SBT shared access policy

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