Automated Tasks
  • 25 Sep 2020
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Automated Tasks

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Article Summary

Many enterprises use Logic Apps to organize the actions that are involved in solving the business problem. The outcome of the Logic App runs may be either success or failure depending on the actions involved in the Logic App run. A failed Logic App run can be resubmitted at some point in time which might result in a successful run. Serverless360 provides a capability to automate the process of resubmitting the failed Logic App runs and facilitate the above-mentioned requirement.

Business Scenario

Consider an employee management scenario, where the employee joining process in an organisation is defined in a Logic App. When an employee joins an organisation, a message with required employee details will be pushed into a Service Bus Queue by the HR application .

  1. A Logic App will be listening to the Service Bus Queue for messages
  2. Whenever a message arrives in the Service Bus Queue, the Logic App will extract the message body of the Service Bus Message and post it to an Azure Function and store it in a Storage Table for future references
  3. The Azure Function will process the Employee details and assign him to the required departments in the organisation

There are certain instances where the function app cannot be accessed by the Logic App. In such cases, the Logic App run will fail. When the Function app becomes available, we need to reprocess the failed Logic App run. This can be done manually using Serverless360.
This manual resubmission of Logic App runs can be automated using Scheduled automated tasks of Serverless360.

How automated resubmission in Serverless360 is better than retry policy in Azure portal?

The Scheduled automated-task of resubmitting the failed Logic App runs can be customised to resubmit only required runs by using the following filters:

  1. Failure Occurrence: The Logic App runs failed in the past x minutes (specified in the automated task creation) from the automated task run will be chosen for resubmission
  2. Failure Reason: The runs containing any of the provided Failure reasons will be resubmitted
  3. Trigger: The runs initiated by any of the selected Logic App triggers will be resubmitted
  4. Run Action: The runs having all the selected run actions in their corresponding expected state will be chosen. If the expected status chosen is Failed and if any failure reason is provided, the run will be resubmitted only of the failure reason of the run actions matches one of the provided reasons
If no filters are chosen, all the failed Logic App runs will be resubmitted

automated task creation

The runs resubmitted by the automated task will be added with the provided tag, which can be viewed in the run history of the Logic App in Serverless360


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