Azure Active Directory Groups
  • 05 Jul 2020
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Azure Active Directory Groups

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Article Summary

Azure Active Directory Groups

Serverless360 users can add the groups from Azure Active Directory to one or more predefined or custom roles. Any member under the Active Directory Group associated with Serverless360 can log in to the portal by providing the Domain Name.

Active Directory LogIn

  1. The members of the Azure AD group who are not registered with Serverless360 can log in using their registered domain name.

  2. A Domain Name field will be displayed during the login, by providing the domain name along with the email id user can log in to the portal.

Adding AD groups

  1. The customer registered with Serverless360 can add Azure Active Directory groups to one or more roles. The user cannot add groups under the Administrator role. By clicking the Add group icon you can add the AD groups.
    add groups

  2. Once Add group icon is clicked, it displays the list of groups which is associated under the customer’s Active Directory. Select the groups and add them under a particular role.

  3. When the groups are added against a role, the Group Count has modified accordingly.

  4. By default, 500 AD Groups in the configured Azure Active Directory will be listed, however, it is possible to filter or search by AD group name to find the required AD Group from the configured Azure Active Directory.

Remove groups

Removing groups associated under a particular role is as simple as adding groups.

  1. To remove groups click the Group Count valueunder a role. This results in displaying the groups that are mapped against a role.
    remove groups

  2. The user can select the groups to be removed and click on Remove icon to delete the mappings between the groups and the role. This, in turn, modifies the Group Count value.

Group Count

  1. The Group Count field captures and stores the count of groups that are associated with each role.


  1. This count is modified whenever a group is added or removed against a role. There will not be any groups associated under the Administrator role.
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