Active Directory Authentication
  • 18 Jun 2020
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Active Directory Authentication

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Article Summary

Serverless360 now offers options in the authentication.

  1. Active Directory
  2. Email

The decision on authentication mode can be made at the time of initial sign up.
Initial Sign up

This article focuses on the Azure Active Directory mode of authentication in Serverless360.

Target Users

Active Directory mode has been brought in Serverless360, exclusively for Organizations which already have an Azure Active Directory to manage their users, can configure Serverless360 to use the organization Azure Active Directory as its authentication provider.

Key Benefits

Key benefits in integrating Azure Active Directory to Serverless360 are,

  • Simplified Single Sign-on with Azure portal
  • Secure Access
  • Access to Active Directory users list for convenient user management

Initial Configuration

Enabling Azure Active Directory authentication mode in Serverelss360 involves creating an Active Directory application with required permissions in Active Directory and configuring Serverless360 with the application details.

Here is the guide to get the above-mentioned details to configure Serverless360 in Azure Active Directory authentication mode

Below is the configuration page on sign up using Azure Active Directory mode. Configure Serverless360 to use your organization Azure Active Directory as the authentication provider by providing the following details,

  • Serverless360 Admin details, this user will be the first user in Serverless360 and will be created as an Administrator of the application. This user can add other users to Serverless360.
Serverless360 Administrator should be a Member (not a Guest User) in the configured domain, i.e. the email id should belong to the configured domain to activate Serverless360 license
  • Azure Active Directory details, of the organization Azure Active Directory which needs to be configured as the Serverless360 authentication provider

Submit the details in the form below to complete the configuration.

Sign up

Adding other Users

After successful initial configuration, the Serverless360 Administrator can now add users from the configured Azure Active Directory to any of the existing Serverless360 roles. By default, the first 500 users in the configured Azure Active Directory will be listed, however, it is possible to filter or search by email Id to find the required user from the configured Azure Active Directory.

Add User

Update Configuration

There is a possibility that the password of Azure Active Directory application may expire depending on the expiry duration selected at the time of the creation of the application key.
When the password has expired, though existing users can log in to Serverless360, new users cannot be invited.
To overcome this drawback, we are bringing in the capability to allow the Serverelss360 Administrator to edit the Azure Active Directory Configuration.

Steps to edit Azure Active Directory configuration:

  1. Under the account, profile dropdown selects the My Profile option and a user profile description will appear with the Authentication Mode type in a clickable format.

Profile Settings

Authentication Mode type

  1. Once you click on the Authentication Mode type a blade will appear with the details of existing Azure Active Directory configuration,
    • Domain Name
    • Azure active directory (Tenant) Id
    • Client Id


  1. The user can edit the Client Id and add Client Secret
  2. On save the details will be validated, if valid the update would be successful
  3. On successful update of valid credentials, new users can be added
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