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What can I do with Serverless360?

  • Updated on 20 Nov 2018
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We are positioning Serverless360 as a one platform to Manage and Monitor your Azure Serverless entities. We constantly build features that will provide enhanced operational capabilities. You may have the following questions:

I am good with Azure Portal. Why Serverless360?

Though Azure Portal is great, it poses different challenges. It is massive and donot provide focused capabilities for Serverless and Integration components. The operational capabilities are limited. The monitoring capabilities take significant efforts to configure. Not all enterprises are open to provide access to all their team members.

Microsoft has exposed APIs and SDKs. I will write my own software

This is a great idea. But may not be practical on the long run. It demands significant investment to build a piece of production quality software, long term maintenance, periodic upgrades and build a team to manage it. Would you prefer deploying your workforce to build solutions for your business or build tools for your infrastructure. After all, the Serverless infrastructure in itself is outsourced to a Cloud provider. It will be wothwhile to consider out of the box solutions like Serverless360 which has dedicated support and cost less on the long run.

All good, Let us see what you can achieve with Serverless360

Composite Applications

It is difficult to manage your Azure entities from different subscriptions in the context of your business applications. Serverless360 introduces concept of Composite Applications to group resources from different subscritions together and manage them better.
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Monitoring Azure Service Bus

You would be interested to know the availability of your Queues / Topics, Track Message count and dead letters in real time. Check rate of message flow. Size of the entity etc.
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Managing Azure Service Bus

Azure Portal doesn't provide enough capabilities in this space. Want to create Queues by configuring all possible properties. Do you want them to update whenever required? Donot fiddle with custom code. Serverless360 makes your life easy.
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Azure Service Bus Message Processing

Peek active messages and check dead letters. Or do you want to resubmit the dead letters to your main queues or different destination? You can modify the message content and properties. Upload bulk messages or download them to local file system for further analysis. You can do lot more with Serverless360.
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Monitoring Logic Apps

Are you finding it difficult to monitor Logic Apps for its Run Action Failures? Do you want to keep a check on change in its state? Interested to know how many Triggers succeeded over a period of time? You can configure monitoring on Logic Apps easily with Serverless360.
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Monitoring Azure Functions

Not aware of Invocation failures? Get alerted when there is a change in its state? Interested to know Function Execution Count over a period of time? You can configure monitoring on Functions easily with Serverless360.
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