Service Principal Management
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Service Principal Management

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The first step in getting started with Cost Analyzer in Serverless360 is to add a Service Principal with reader access.


Service Principal is an application within Azure Active Directory, which is authorized to access resources in Azure Stack.

Serverless360 uses the authentication tokens of the Service Principal to manage the resources.

Client secret expiry

  • Serverless360 allows users to configure the same date as the Azure portal to notify users 7 days before the expiration date to change the Client secret.

  • Users can change the Client secret expiry date when adding or editing a Service Principal during Service Principal management.

Add a Service Principal

  1. Navigate to Service principals section and click Add
  2. Users can reuse any existing Service Principal or add a new one by clicking the available checkbox
  3. Provide a name and Subscription information such as Tenant id, Client id, and Client secret expiration date
  4. Click Validate
  5. Upon successful validation, click Next
  6. Define the scope for Cost management groups which involves selection of subscriptions and other filters like resource groups, types, etc
  7. Click Add



Update a Service Principal

  1. Click Edit icon next to any available Service Principal in Service principals section
  2. The client secret and secret expiration date can be modified
  3. Click Validate
  4. Click Next upon successful validation
  5. The scope of Cost management groups can be updated
  6. Click Update

Remove a Service Principal

  1. Click Delete icon next to the desired Service Principal in Service principals section
  2. Click Delete in the confirmation box

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