• 08 Sep 2023
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Cloud resource rightsizing optimizes resource allocation in the cloud for cost efficiency and performance. It involves monitoring utilization, analyzing data, and resizing or reconfiguring resources accordingly. Benefits include cost savings, improved performance, and better resource utilization.

Following resource types can be rightsized using Serverless360 Cost Analyzer:

  • App service plan
  • Cosmos SQL Container
  • Cosmos SQL Database
  • Cosmos Table
  • SQL Database
  • Virtual Machine

Rightsizing in Cost groups

  • Rightsizing for a cost management group will be accessible in the following path: Cost group -> Optimization -> Rightsizing.


  • The subscriptions having access to the cost group will be used to fetch the information on Azure resources and their current SKU values.

  • Serverless360 analyze the usage of the resources in the background and provide a suggestion on right sizing the resources.


Cost Analyzer provides four different types of recommendations for Azure resources:

1. Upgrade

A recommendation of this type indicates that resources often consume the maximum capacity of the purchased SKU. An upgrade to a higher SKU will increase resource performance.

2. Downgrade

A resource that does not utilize its maximum capacity is deemed to have this recommendation. Taking it down to a lower SKU will reduce resource costs.

3. Idle

This recommendation indicates that the resource is not being used for an extended period and can be deleted if no longer required.

4. No change

A recommendation of this type indicates that the resource frequently utilizes the average capacity of the SKU, and thus, no change in SKU is required.

The recommendation for each resource will be available next to the respective resource based on its usage.


Perform the following operations to apply the recommended sku to a resource:

  1. Click any of the desired resource in Rightsizing.

You will be provided with a cost trend chart based on the resource usage for the last 7 days. The aggregation type and the time settings can be modified to view the cost trend for a specified time.

  1. The Recommended Sku based on the analysis, will be available for the users to apply it instantly.

  2. You can also manually choose one among the supported SKUs by clicking the Click here to view all supported SKUs option.


  • The recommended SKU can only be applied when the Service Principal has Contributor access.

Recommendation update

  • Rightsizing recommendations for a cost group will be updated every 24 hours from when the cost group is created.

  • It is also possible to perform a manual refresh at the root cost group to view recommendations instantly.

Manual refresh.png

Customized recommendations

  • Resource recommendations can be customized by currency or resource usage based on a specified time.

  • Click the settings to open the recommended settings and specify your preferred currency value and time interval based on resource usage calculations.

Customized recommendation.png

Ignoring recommendations

  • Recommendations can be ignored if you agree to use the resource using the current SKU.

  • Select the required recommendations and click Actions -> Ignore to ignore recommendations.


  • The ignored ones are accessible in Actions -> View ignored recommendations.

Ignored recommendations.png

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