February 2019
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February 2019

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February 16, 2019

This release contains the following capabilities:

  • Processing capabilities on active messages in Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions
  • Automated tasks extended to active message processing in Service Bus Queues and Topics Subscriptions
  • Templates for storing the properties of azure resources, to be used to quick create resources from Serverless360
  • Improved user experience in resources dashboard

1. Processing Active Messages of Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions

Serveless360 now provides message processing capabilities like Resubmit, Delete, Clone and Resubmit on the active messages of Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions. For extended documentation about these capabilities, check Service Bus message processing.

2. Automated tasks for Active Service Bus messages

It is now possible to automate the active message processing like resubmit, delete using Serverless360. For more details, check Automated tasks for Active Service Bus messages.
Active Message Processing.gif

3. Templates for storing the properties of azure resources

Want to create multiple resources in Azure with similar properties? It can be achieved in Serverless360 without providing the properties each time. Create templates for storing the properties of the resources and use it at the time of resource creation. Refer feature documentation on templates for Service Bus Queues, Topics and Topic Subscriptions. Similar property templates can be created on Event Hubs and Relays too.
template section

4. Improved user experience in resources dashboard

With increased number in types of resources which can be managed and monitored in Serverless360, based on feedback from our customers, the horizontal tabs in resources dashboard is now displayed vertically. In addition to this, the visibility of the monitor status of resources are improved as below.

February 2, 2019

This release is focused on following management capabilities on Event Grid and Storage Queues:

  • Event processing for Event Grid
  • Messages processing for Storage Queues.

In addition to the above

  • Scope of Governance and Audit is extended
  • Message backup while reprocessing is improved

The following section walks through the feature list.

1. Sending Events to Event Grid Topics

Need to fire sample events to your Event Grid Topics for testing your orchestration, it is now possible to simulate a real time test environment for Event Grid Topics using Serverless360. For extended documentation about this feature, check Sending Events To Event Grid Topics.
Inline Activity Gif.gif

2. Accessing failed events of Event Grid Subscription

For the Event Grid Subscriptions which has dead-letter destination configured, Serverless360 now provides an interface to look at the failed events along with all necessary details like reason for dead-letter, etc.
Accessing failed events of Event Grid Subscription contains more information about this feature.
View Events.gif

3. Processing the Dead-Letter Events of Event Grid Subscription

In addition to accessing the dead-letter events, it is now possible to take necessary actions like Resubmitting or Repair and Resubmitting the events.
Resubmit Events.gif

4. Retrieve Messages from Storage Queue

In the previous release, the capability to monitor the Storage Queues based on the number of messages was brought in Serverless360. Now, it is possible to Retrieve the Messages from Storage Queues to check the message content along with the properties, this will be helpful to identify the poisoned messages.

5. Update Message in Storage Queue

To act on the poisoned messages, Serverless360 provides an user interface to Update the Content of the Message along with the visibility time window.

6. Resubmit Message in Storage Queue

If your business demands to enqueue the message from one storage queue to another, use Serverless360 to Resubmit Message capability of Serverless360 now.

It is also possible to Repair the message, before resubmitting it.

7. Capturing more user actions in Governance and Audit

Governance & Audit capability is now extended to capture user actions on Composite Applications, Service Principals. Check Governance and Audit section for more details.

8. Back up messages before processing into Blob Container

The messages can be backed up to a Blob Container before it is processed. This will the save the messages from being lost. Check Back up messages for more details.
Backingup messages.gif

9. User interface to edit Active Directory Configuration

For the users signed up using Active Directory authentication mode, a user interface is provided to Update the Active Directory configuration details.

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