Managing Storage Accounts
  • 02 Jul 2022
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Managing Storage Accounts

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The Storage account publish platforms associated with the document configurations can be easily managed using Azure Documenter.

Managing Azure storage accounts

  • Customers can manage their Azure storage accounts for storing their generated PDF documents in Azure Documenter by clicking Storage accounts under Settings.

  • With the help of the corresponding icons provided in each of the storage accounts, users can edit or delete their added Azure storage accounts.

  • The default system storage can neither be edited nor deleted.

Adding Azure Storage account

  • Users can easily add a new Azure storage account to Azure Documenter.

  • To begin, click the Add button in the Storage accounts section of Explorer View.

  • The user must provide the Azure Storage account connection string from which the Azure Storage account name will be auto-populated. Once the validation is successful, click the Save button to finish the process.

Adding Azure Storage account.gif

Editing Azure Storage account

  • Using the Edit icon, users can edit and update any of the added Storage accounts by providing different connection string(s).

Editing Azure Storage account.gif

Deleting Azure Storage account

  • Users can also delete any of the added Storage accounts by pressing the Delete icon.

Deleting Azure Storage account.gif

  • The default Serverless360 Storage cannot be deleted or edited.
  • A publish platform can only be deleted if it is no longer associated with any of the configured documents.
  • Users can choose from these publish destinations to publish created documentation when adding or modifying document configuration.

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