• 05 Feb 2021
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This release brings in the following features and enhancements:

  • Event Grid Domain subscription
  • Auto-Reset for Threshold Monitor
  • Processing Actual Metrics value in Data Monitor
  • Improvements on monitoring JSON Payloads

Event Grid Domain subscription

Serverless360 technical stack is now extended to accommodate Event Grid Domain subscription with capabilities to manage and monitoring it.


Sending Events to Event Grid Domain Topics

Event Grid domain topics are created by the event publishers to forward the events to the destination. The event grid topics are endpoints to which the source (publisher) sends the event. We can send sample events to your Event Grid domain topics for testing your orchestration, it is now possible to simulate a real time test environment for Event Grid Domain Topics using Serverless360. Read more...


Event Grid Domain subscription Monitoring

Configure Data Monitor for Event Grid Domain subscriptions on the following metrics,

1.Delivered Events: Event successfully delivered to the Subscription's endpoint, and received a 2xx response.
2.Matched Events: Event in the Topic was matched by the Event Subscription.
3.Dropped Events: Event was not delivered and all retry attempts were sent. The event was dropped.
4.Delivery Failed Events: Event sent to Subscription's endpoint, but received a 4xx or 5xx response.
5.Dead Lettered Events: Events, that can't be delivered to an endpoint, can be sent to a Storage Account defined as dead letter location
6.Destination Processing Duration: Time taken to process the event from Event Subscription to the destination endpoint.


Auto-Reset for Threshold Monitor

Serverless360 enabled an option to auto-reset Threshold monitor, by specifying the frequency when the monitor can auto-reset after it reaches the specified number of alerts per violation. Read more...

auto reset

Processing actual metrics value in Data Monitor

Serverless360 Data monitor collects metrics and processed it with the rounded decimal values earlier. Now Data monitor metrics can be processed without rounding off the actual value. As the actual value can contain more than 15 decimal digits of precision, metrics are now processed by trimming it to 2 digits of precision without rounding. So, a value of 12.68534 can be processed as 12.68 instead of rounding it to 13.

Improvements on monitoring JSON Payloads

When monitor trigger alerts are to be sent to notification channels which supports receiving JSON or XML requests such as Webhooks, Operations Management Suite (OMS), PagerDuty, the Payload consists of an information property which holds the message regarding the metric and the error or warning value that is met. This is useful if the end users can make use of that information property for a quick read. Now additionally data property is sent along with the existing payload to quickly retrieve the metric property, error/warning condition, actual and expected values.

"Property": "value",
"ActualValue": "value",
"Condition": "value",
"ExpectedValue": "value"

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