Upgrade Best Practices
  • Updated on 21 May 2020
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Upgrade Best Practices

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Before you start upgrading Serverless360 to the latest version, we recommend you to always take a backup of the 'Serverless360' database. This is just a best practice and it will come handy if something goes wrong and you want to roll back to the previous version. It is also recommended to stop the 'Serverless360 Background Service' before proceeding with upgrade.

Case #1 (For Multi Server Setup)

Serverless360 MSI installs 3 different components (Web, Services and Database) during a fresh installation. Users can choose the components in the installer and the installation will be completed only with the user selected components. During upgrade process, as a best practice, Serverless360 will upgrade the components that are already installed in the earlier version and will not install other components. Say, ACME Corp has installed Serverless360 version 1.0 with database and web option, and when they upgrade to version 1.1 only the database and web option will be upgraded to the latest version.

Case #2

Say, ACME Corp initially installs version Serverless360 1.0 with all the 3 components in one machine and they would like to uninstall and reinstall only the front end components (web and services). During the re-installation, they can choose the web and service option and deselect the database in the component section of the installer, this will successfully install version 1.0 and work without any data loss.
When ACME Corp wants to upgrade to a higher version (v1.1), during the upgrade process their database will not be upgraded and the application will not be launched as expected since the new database scripts are not executed. In this scenario, users can uninstall version 1.0 and reinstall version 1.1, but data loss is inevitable in this case.

Please update all the servers running the Serverless360 components [Service and Web] to the same version before activating the license. This is applicable for both fresh installation and upgrade scenarios.

Upgrade from 1.4 or 1.6 to 2.0

  1. Export IIS Configuration values, open regedit, traverse to SOFTWARE > WOW6432Node > Kovai Ltd > Serverless360 > Properties. Click on properties and export the current saved registry values to a file.

  2. It is a good practice to stop the Serverless360 Background service before upgrade. Open Services.msc, find 'Serverless360 Background service' and stop the service.

  3. Execute Serverless360 2.0 MSI and choose to upgrade

  4. Serverless360 2.0 has got massive changes in comparison with the previous versions 1.4 and 1.6. Hence after with usual upgrade process of executing the new installer and choosing to upgrade to 2.0, executing the console application is necessary. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the migration

  5. Download the Serverless360_2.0_migration_app.zip folder containing the console app and necessary DLLs

  6. Extract the folder

  7. Execute the console application

  8. Provide the Serverless360 database connection string to initiate migration. The connection string can be found in the IIS, Serverless360 websites, API component as mentioned in the screenshot below

  9. On successful migration the console should be as below

  10. To prepare the Serverless360 database for future upgrade please execute the console app, Serverless360_Table_Modification_2.0

  11. Download the Serverless360_Table_Modification_2.0.zip file containing the console app and necessary dlls

  12. Extract the folder Serverless360_Table_Modification_2.0

  13. Execute the console application. Below should be the outcome

  14. Execute the registry file, created at step 1 on the machine where Serverless360 is installed

Upgrade to 2.3

If you are in a Serverless360 version below 2.0 (1.4, 1.5 or 1.6) please upgrade to 2.0 first, as it is a pre-requisite to upgrade to 2.3.

Upgrade to Severless360 2.3 from 2.0 involves the following steps

  1. Execute the Serverless360 2.3 MSI to upgrade
  2. Download the Serverless360_migration_2.0_to_2.3.zip folder containing the console app and necessary DLLs
  3. Extract the folder
  4. Execute this console app to perform necessary data migration
  5. Below should be the outcome on successful migration

Upgrade to 5.0

Upgrading the existing Serverless360 version to 5.0 requires data migration for enforce performance improvements done in the Notification channels.

Below are the upgrade steps:

  1. Execute the Serverless360 5.0 MSI to upgrade.
  2. Download the migration application from here, which contains the console app and the necessary DLLs.
  3. Extract the folder.
  4. Execute this console app to perform necessary data migration.
  5. Below should be the outcome on successful migration.

Notification channel migration

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