Notification channels
  • 03 Oct 2022
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Notification channels

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What is a Notification channel?

With the support of a function called Notification channel, Serverless 360 offers a forum for users to stay connected with their monitoring operation of Azure resources and services.

Notification channel is a pathway or portal through which the user can receive alerts and warnings from their configured Azure services while performing monitoring activity in Serverless360 based on the configuration of the monitor.

Need for a Notification channel

  • In most cases, sending updates to an email inbox might get unnoticed.

  • Since email notification is no longer the only choice, there are many other notification channels available that allow users to receive updates and notifications on a regular basis.

  • Serverless360 gives customers several choices for selecting the notification channel that best suits their needs.

Configuring a Notification channel

  • Customers can configure a Notification channel in their Serverless360 account by navigating to the Notification channels section within the Settings option.

  • Press the Add notification channel button to begin configuring a Notification channel. The Add notification channel blade with a list of Notification channels will be displayed as follows:

The Configure button is also available when there is no Notification channel configured.


  • Choose the required Notification channel and set it up by providing the necessary information for the Notification channel.

Available Notification channels

For a more enhanced version of communication with the user about Azure resource monitoring, Serverless360 provides about 9 Notification channels.

The list of available Notification channels includes:

1. Operations Management Suite (OMS)
3. ServiceNow
4. Azure Devops
5. WebHook
6. Slack
7. Opsgenie
8. Pager Duty
9. Microsoft Teams

Operations Management Suite(OMS)

What is Operations Management Suite?

Microsoft's Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a cloud-based IT management solution that aids in the management and protection of on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

OMS is a collection of management services that will keep track of the cloud and on-premises resources.

Use of OMS channel

  • The monitoring services provided by Serverless360 include a wealth of information about the status and health of the user’s Azure Integration scenarios.

  • Serverless360 further extends the capability of its monitoring services by allowing the user to integrate it with Operations Management Suite to perform an effective analysis of log data produced by the user’s integration scenario.

How to configure OMS?


  • Users must provide a Friendly name to the OMS channel to easily identify the Notification channel. Specify the data submission record type in the Log type field. Enter a Workspace Id in the respective field. Provide a Shared key and finally save the notification configuration.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

What is SMTP Channel?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the industry standard for email services over a TCP/IP network. The ability to send and receive email messages is provided by SMTP.

Use of SMTP Channel

  • Serverless360 provides an SMTP channel for the user to send and receive alerts and warnings to the configured recipients.

How to configure SMTP?


  • Users must provide a Friendly name to the SMTP channel to easily identify the Notification channel. Fill in the Email to field with the recipient's email address.

Multiple email addresses for recipients can be provided by separating them with a semicolon.

  • Fill in the Email from field with the sender’s email address. Provide the CC field with email addresses, if necessary. The user can also fill in the BCC field in case required. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.

To authenticate SMTP in Gmail

While configuring Gmail SMTP channel in Serverless360, it requires additional authentication. Follow the steps below to authenticate in Gmail:

• Go to Gmail account and sign in.

• On the profile photo, click the My Account button.

• Click the Sign-in-security tab on the My Account page and select the two-step verification Turn On option.

• Click the Get Started button. To enter your password, Gmail guides you to the login confirmation page.

• To get a verification code from Gmail, the user must enter the phone number. Select Next to Turn On after entering a verification code.

• Return to the Sign-in & Security page by pressing the Back button and selecting the App Password option.

• When the user enters Password on the Login tab, Gmail provides a text message with a 6-digit verification code.

• Enter the code and click Next.

• Enter Serverless360 as the App name and press the Generate button on the App Passwords tab.

• The application's password will be generated. In the Serverless360 portal, use this password as the SMTP password.

Service Now

What is Service Now channel?

ServiceNow automates enterprise IT operations by establishing a centralized system of record for all IT processes within a company.

Use of Service Now channel

  • Configuring the ServiceNow channel in Serverless360 can generate an incident in ServiceNow, allowing the team to repair the service or device with minimal downtime.

How to configure Service Now?

Service Now.png

  • Provide a Friendly name to the Service Now Notification channel. In the URL field, type the Service Now account's URL. Type in the User name in the Username field. Provide a Password in the Password field.
    Press the Save button to save all the configuration settings.

  • Users can now pass values to the Service Now incident properties by adding a property and providing the corresponding key and its value.

Azure DevOps

What is an Azure DevOps channel?

It is a offering in Azure DevOps that supports a set of work item types (WITs) to plan and track work, tests, feedback, and code review. With different WITs, you can track different types of work—such as features, change requests, tasks, bugs, and more.

Use of Azure DevOps channel

Serverless360 notifications can be incorporated with a Saas Platform, Azure DevOps, allowing users to be alerted with a set of Work items based on their needs.

How to configure Azure DevOps channel?


  • Provide a Friendly name to the Azure DevOps notification channel.
  • Provide Personal Access Token and Organization name to which the alert has to be sent.
  • Click Validate.
  • Once Validation is successful, a list of Project Name(Agile/Basic/CMMI/SCRUM) that are available will be displayed.
  • Choose the desired Project name to invoke the list of work items that it supports.
  • Select the work item that you want to be notified with and click on Save.
  • Users can also fill in Assign to, Tags, Priority, Iteration path, and Probability in case required.

Ensure that a notification channel with work item type Risk should always be created with a probability.


What is a WebHook channel?

The Webhook Notification channel is a quick and easy way to submit information about a violation to a custom endpoint over HTTP.

Use of WebHook channel

  • A webhook is used to send any monitor notification to your custom cloud application, which can then invoke the API of the respective scenario with the appropriate information obtained from the Serverless360 warning once configured.

How to configure WebHook?


  • Provide a Friendly name to the WebHook channel. To invoke the WebHook, select the HTTP Request method. Provide the WebHook URL to which the message will be sent. Choose the sort of message content to be sent to the Webhook. Provide the Authorization Credentials in case the endpoint is protected. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.

Notification message structure

The following is a sample payload by data format, which was sent to the WebHook endpoint configured as a notification channel in Serverless360. To perform the follow-up operation, the custom application should accept this payload. The data is in JSON and XML formats.

  "Type": "Alert",
  "BusinessApplication": "Business Application",
  "Issues": [
      "Resource": "/subscriptions/39992539-f212-4099-ad30-67c3356f1ae8/resourceGroups/qa-rg-viswa/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/demo012",
      "Issues": [
        "Error:  State is Running and not equal to Stopped"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<BusinessApplicationAlert xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
        <string>Error: Metric User Errors is 13 and greater than 5</string>
        <string>Error: Property Active Message Count is 20 and greater than 10</string>
        <string>Error: Property DeadLetter Message Count is 113 and greater than 10</string>


What is Slack channel?

Slack is a popular cloud-based collaboration tool for teams. Slack is an instant messaging app with company-wide and private networks, direct messaging, and alerts at its core.

Use of Slack channel

  • Serverless360 notifications can be incorporated into the common messaging app, Slack, allowing users to be alerted in the places where they spend the majority of their time, keeping them informed.

How to configure Slack?


  • The first step is to get the Webhook URL from the Slack app. Provide a Friendly name to the Slack channel. Enter the Webhook URL in the Webhook URL field. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.


What is Opsgenie channel?

It is an offering from Atlassian, it proactively helps Operations teams in manage incidents. This solution encourages collaboration between all the other teams and Operations based on automated functionalities.

Use of Opsgenie channel

Configuring the Opsgenie channel in Serverless360 can generate an incident in Opsgenie, to ensure critical incidents are never missed, and actions are taken by the right people in the shortest possible time.

How to configure Opsgenie?


Provide a Friendly name to the Opsgenie channel. Enter the acquired key in the Integration key field. Choose your preferred Service region as Europe or the United States. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.


What is PagerDuty channel?

PagerDuty equips developers, DevOps, IT operations, and company leaders with the tools they need to avoid and address business-impacting accidents and provide excellent customer service. When sales and brand value are on the line, PagerDuty gives businesses the experience they need to handle incidents that could influence consumers in their IT community.

Use of PagerDuty channel

  • PagerDuty allows the user to configure notification rules for Serverless360 (for example, if it's a high-urgency situation, text or call me; if it's a low-urgency situation, give me a push notification or email). PagerDuty gives insight into crucial violations so you can act intelligently.

How to configure PagerDuty?

In PagerDuty

1. Create a PagerDuty Service

• Login with a valid email and password if there is an existing PagerDuty account.

• Navigate to Configuration → Services. If a new service is required, click Add New Service.

• Provide a Name to the application, part, or team in the respective field under the General Settings.

This is the service name that will be associated with an incident when it is activated

• Add a Description for this service.

• Then, from the Integration Type menu, choose the app and give it a Name in the format monitoring-tool-service-name (for example, “Serverless360-Ecommerce”).


• Choose an Escalation Policy and Notification Urgency from the Incident Settings section.

• Choose either Create alerts and incidents or Create incidents from the Incident Behaviour drop-down menu.

• Finally, to save the new service, press Add Service.

2. Add Integration to the Service

• Select a service to which the user wants to add an integration from Configuration -> Services. Select New Integration on the Integrations tab.

• As mentioned above, choose the Integration Type and give it a name. Click Save.


• On successful save, Integration Key can be acquired from the Integrations tab under PageDuty services.


In Serverless360


  • Provide a Friendly name to the PagerDuty channel. Enter the acquired key in the Integration key field. Choose your preferred hosting region as Europe or the United States. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.

Microsoft Teams

What is Teams channel?

Microsoft Teams is a centralized communications platform that integrates continuous workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and integration with third-party apps. The service is compatible with the company's Office 365 membership, office productivity suite, and feature extensions for non-Microsoft products.

Use of Teams channel

  • When the user has a broad monitoring setup, the user must notify his/her team when one of the orchestration resources fails. Microsoft Teams can be configured to send a request to a channel, allowing the support team to quickly fix the service or computer.

How to configure Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams

  • To get an incoming webhook, go to the Microsoft Teams channel and click the connectors option.

  • Serverless360 will notify the user's team of any alerts that need to be monitored via the incoming webhook connector.


In Serverless360


  • Provide a Friendly name to the Teams channel. To receive an alert in a Microsoft Teams channel, include the Webhook URL of the specific Teams channel in the Webhook URL field. Press the Save button to save the Notification channel configuration.

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