Governance and Audit
  • 25 Sep 2020
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Governance and Audit

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Serverless360 has a powerful operational governance and auditing capability to maintain the logs of the user activities in the system. This feature helps the administrators to find out "Who did what and when?" in the Azure integration scenario over a period of time. Consider a few example scenarios when the support user:

  1. Accidentally delete a Logic App
  2. Changes the properties of a Queue
  3. Repair and rebsubmit a message with incorrect details

In these situations, if the user action is recorded and logged as an event, it will help the administrator to identify the root cause of the issue. Right now, in Azure Portal, none of the activities are audited. This leaves organizations to run their support purely based on trust, which may not be ideal in some mission-critical situations like Healthcare, Financial services etc.

What Operations can be audited in Serverless360

Serverless360 has the capability to audit the following areas:

  1. CRUD Operations for Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics, Topic Subscription, Relays and Event Hubs
  2. RUD Operations for Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions
  3. CRUD Operations on Composite Applications, Service Principals, Users and Access Keys
  4. Message processing: Resubmit, Repair and Resubmit, or Delete a Message from Azure Service Bus Queues or Topic Subscriptions, Storage Queues and Event Grid Subscriptions
  5. Send messages to Azure Service Bus Queues or Topic Subscriptions
  6. Purge messages in Azure Service Bus Queues or Topic Subscriptions
  7. Send events to Event Hubs
  8. Scheduled send message and dead letter Automated Tasks
  9. Scheduled Events Automated Tasks
  10. Alert history

Govern & Audit a Message Resubmission

Let us understand this capability better by picking up the message resubmission scenario as example. Consider a Service Bus Queue, one of the dead letter messages in this queue need to be repaired and resubmitted. A Serverless360 user, authorized to perform this action had successfully modified the message content, added an user property and resubmitted the message. This Repair and Resubmit action will be tracked by Governance and Audit capability in Serverelss360. Any user authorized to access Governance and Audit can view the details as below
GA report.PNG

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