Exposed APIs
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Exposed APIs

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Exposed APIs can be used if the user wants to use frameworks other than the .Net Library.

Users can hit the API with the help of URLs available in the Individual Endpoints section present in the BAM Connection details blade.

A Function App in Business Activity Monitoring has three functions:

  • Start Transaction
  • CheckPoint
  • CheckPoint with Correlation

The business transaction will be plugged with Business Activity Monitoring as shown in the below image:

Business flow.png

Users have to Start a Transaction with a Post URL that can be obtained from Actions -> BAM Connections Details under the Individual Endpoints section with Headers and Body as shown in the below image.

There are two ways to access Business Activity Monitoring using Exposed APIs:

1. Individual endpoints with key as a Header

Http Header.png

2. Individual endpoints with key as a Query parameter

Query parameter.png

Triggering a Transaction Instance

Type 1: Key as a Header

Triggering Individual endpoint with key as a Header.png

Type 2: Key as a Query parameter

Triggering Individual endpoint with key as a Query parameter.png

  • Take note of the TransactionInstanceId returned as an HTTP response in Start Transaction; it will be used in subsequent Checkpoints to indicate that it is the same transaction instance and not a new one.

  • The next step is Configuring Checkpoint with Post URL with Headers and Body as shown in the below image.

Checkpoint 1 using exposed API'S.png

Checkpoint 1 Response.png

  • For the next checkpoint, the same Transaction ID must be used. The SL360-IsTransactionComplete header will be set to true because the transaction has come to an end.

Checkpoint 2 using exposed API'S.png

Checkpoint 2 Response.png

  • Finally, the transaction will be tracked in Serverless360 Business Activity Monitoring.

Message flow.png

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