Executive Summary
  • 04 Sep 2023
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Executive Summary

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Article Summary


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a document is "it's big," and we end up spending far too much time reading it all.

The Executive Summary, on the other hand, allows readers to quickly become acquainted with a specific document without having to read it all. As a result, time, effort, and energy are saved.

Document structure

The Executive Summary type of Azure document contains the following information:

  • It contains the subscription details for which the user has generated the document, along with the date-time.


  • It has information about the expenses spent on total subscription usage, and resource group/location wise charges.

Generate a Document

  1. Click New configuration in the Azure Documenter homepage
  2. Enter a name to the document configuration and click Next
  3. Choose the required subscriptions and click Next
  4. Select Executive Summary as the document type, Choose the Currency type in which the cost details are to be displayed and set the billing date range

The Billing date range should be specified by selecting one among the dropdown options or by specifying a custom date range with a maximum limit of 90 days.

  1. Click Next
  2. Filters can be defined to narrow down the document content
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose the publish settings and click Next
  5. Configure notification channels
  6. Click Generate

Once the generation is completed, the URL will be generated. The user will also be able to download the generated document via the Download hyperlink.


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