Email Templates
  • 09 Jun 2023
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Email Templates

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An Email Template is a structured layout that acts as a base for any Email created. Serverless360 allows users to customize the design of the emails using templates, where they can define default contents to be displayed in the mail with various color formats which gives a luminous add-on to the email notification.

How to configure Email Templates

  1. Go to Settings -> Email templates
  2. Click Add Email template
  3. Provide a Name to the Email Template, define a Caption that includes content to be provided for Header Text, Footer Text(1), Footer Text(2), and choose the color codes for Header font color, Body primary font color, Body secondary font color, Body BG, Footer font color, Footer BG.
  4. Click on Save, to create the desired Custom Email template.

A preview of the template is available to users in the adjacent side.

Email template.png

Created templates can be edited/deleted based on the role access that the user possess.


Where can Email Templates be of use?

  • Email templates can be of use only for those accounts that hold SMTP and Email as one of their Notification channels.
  • Created Email Template will be displayed along with the SMTP and Email Notification channel with a drop-down, as in the image below:


  • Users can opt to choose the desired template while configuring any product within the Serverless360 application.
  • Users can edit their choice of template selection under the Notifications section by clicking edit of the respective configuration with respect to Azure Documenter product.

edit template.gif

Email Templates are applicable for all the four products of Serverless360 application.

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