BAM Deployment
  • Updated on 03 Jul 2019
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BAM Deployment

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Serverless360 now supports Business Activity Monitoring and Tracking in Private Hosted version. To configure Business Processes with Serverless360, the following Azure resources must be deployed in your Azure Subscription.

  • Event Hub
  • Azure Function App
  • Storage Account
  • Logic App Custom Connector

This deployment can be done from the Serverless360 Portal. The The Administrator or a Super user of Serverless360 account can do this deployment. The credentials required for performing this Deployment are

  • Subscription Id : Id of the Azure subscription where the BAM entities need to be deployed
  • Active Directory (Tenant) Id: Id of the Azure Active Directory in which the Service Principal is created
  • Client Id: Id of the Service Principal application
  • Client Secret: Valid secret of Service Principal application

Service Principal requirements

The Service Principal must have Contributor access on the Subscription where the resources must be deployed, when a new Resource Group should be created for the deployed entities. If the deployment is in an existing Resource Group, then contributor access on that Resource Group is enough.

The resources once deployed cannot be updated. It can only be deleted and redeployed again.

Deploy BAM Resources

  • To deploy the BAM related Azure resources navigate into BAM Deployments in the Settings section.
  • Click on the Deploy BAM resources
  • Enter the Service Principal Credentials
  • Change the name of the resources if required
  • Click on the Deploy button to proceed


Do not refresh the browser or navigate to any other section of the application through browser back button until the deployment is done.

Delete BAM Resources

You can also delete the deployed BAM resources by clicking on the delete button. You can select to delete the entire Resource Group where the BAM resources are deployed.

Microsoft Flow Connectors

The swagger json file for deploying the Serverless360 BAM connector for Microsoft flows can be acquired from Serverless360 as shown below.


Deploy Serverless360 - Tracking Connector in different regions

Serverless360-Tracking connector can be used only for Logic Apps within the same region where the connector is deployed. To use it in a logic app in another Azure region, Serverless360-Tracking connector can be deployed in that region using the following steps:

  • Download the swagger file of the Serverless360-Tracking connector from the Azure Portal
  • Create an empty connector in the required Azure region
  • Upload the downloaded swagger file
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