WebJobs Monitoring
  • 25 Sep 2020
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WebJobs Monitoring

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WebJobs may perform critical operations which are essential for efficient and smooth working of an app associated with WebJobs. Monitoring WebJobs to get notified on any unexpected behaviour is important. Serverless360 meets this monitoring requirement. When an Azure WebJob is associated with a Serverless360 Composite Application, it is possible to monitor the WebJob in various perspectives using the monitors in Serverless360.

Monitor Azure WebJob State

WebJob exhibits different states from creation to deletion. Let's understand the Web Job states to better monitor them.

Ready - The created WebJob is Ready to run.
Initializing - The site just started and the WebJob is doing its initialization process.
Starting - The WebJob is starting up the process/script.
Running - The WebJob process is running.
PendingRestart - The WebJob process exited in less than 2 minutes since it started, for a continuous WebJob it's considered that something was probably not right with it at this point the system is waiting for 60 seconds before it'll restart the WebJob process.
Failed - The execution of the WebJob has failed due to some reason.
Stopped - The WebJob was stopped and is currently not running and will not be running until it is started again.

More detailed information on these states and execution can be found under Logs of the Web Job in Azure Portal.
Monitoring the state of the WebJob is crucial requirement. Serverless360 offers two perspectives in monitoring the state of the WebJob.

Threshold Monitoring

If the intention is to monitor the state, say the business demands the WebJob, to be always running -

Serverless360 can monitor the current state of the WebJob against the expected state and configure to receive an alert if the expected state is not met beyond violation persistence duration.

Alerts can be configured through notification channels.

Status Monitoring

If the intention is to get a report on state of the WebJobs at specified interval, then the choice should be a status monitor.

Status monitor would collect the current state of the WebJob at the configured interval of time and alert through the configured Notification Channels notification channels.

Please read extensive documentation on Status Monitor and Threshold Monitor.

Multiple WebJobs can be added to a single monitor and a group of recipients can get alerts in case of any violation even with one of the associated WebJobs.

Web Jobs - Threshold Monitoring

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