Automated Resource Association
  • 02 Sep 2022
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Automated Resource Association

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Automated Resource Association is an option to automatically associate the resources from Azure to Business Applications based on a rule set defined using Tags, Resource Groups, Region and Types.

How to configure rules?

  • The rules to automate resource association can be configured using Auto map resources option available in the context menu of the respective Business Application.

Automap resources.png

  • In the Configure automation rules widget, click on Add rule to add a new rule.
  • Define the rule by selecting the Filter type that holds Region/ Resource Group/ Resource Type/Tag with Operator and/or and the respective value fields for the same.
  • Click Add sub-rule to add a sub-rule and Delete rule to delete the rule added.
  • The Discard option will discard any new changes made to the rules and revert the rules to last saved state.
  • The rules can be validated by clicking on Validate rules and the validation further retrieves all resources that satisfies the configured rules.
  • The rules will be saved and ready to be automated once the Save button is pressed.

Automap resources.gif

  • The parent and its first sub-rule will have only AND as its operator. Rest will hold AND/OR operators.
  • Resource association will be skipped if the purchased resource limit is reached.

Run Now

  • Click the Run now button on the Auto map resources card within the respective Business Application Overview to associate resources based on the user-defined rules.

  • This card displays the run details along with a toggle to disable/enable the automated operation and an Edit option to update the configured rules.

Automap resources card.png

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