Assigning a Definition
  • 03 Oct 2022
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Assigning a Definition

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Serverless360 allows users to assign a policy or initiative to a scope. An assignment is a policy definition or initiative that is assigned to a specific scope. The scope refers to all the resources, resource groups, subscriptions, or management groups.

Assignment structure

The assignment contains the following elements:

  • Policy definition
  • Display name
  • Description
  • Enforcement mode
  • Assigned by
  • Parameters
  • Identity
  • Remediation tasks
  • Non-compliance messages

Creating assignment

  • The first step in assigning a definition is to define the scope. The scope can either be a management group or a subscription or a resource group.
  • Select the policy/initiative definition to be assigned.
  • Provide name and description to identify the assignment. The display name has a maximum length of 128 characters and the description has a maximum length of 512 characters.
  • Set the enforcement mode which is used to enforce the policy effect.
  • Provide the assigned by value which is a friendly name of the security principal that created the assignment.
  • After the basic details, provides the values for the parameters defined in the policy definition or initiative definition.
  • The next step is an optional step to create a remediation task, if any parameter has an effect set to deployIfNotExist or modify. Select the policy definition to be remediated.
  • To perform a remediation task an identity is required, it can be either a system assigned identity or user assigned identity.
  • The next step is also an optional step to set a custom message which describes why a resource is non-compliant with the policy or initiative definition.
  • Policy-specific non-compliance message can also be configured.
  • The final step displays the summary of the entire assignment details. Click Create, to create the assignment.


Editing assignment

  • Click on the edit option in the grid to edit the assignment.
  • Go through the same steps as in above while editing the assignment, click on update to update the assignment.
  • The scope of the assignment cannot be changed when updating the assignment.

Deleting assignment

  • Click on the delete option in the grid to delete the assignment.

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