API App Monitoring
  • Updated on 05 Sep 2019
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API App Monitoring

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When an Azure API App is associated with a Serverless360 Composite Application, it is possible to monitor the API app in various perspectives using the monitors in Serverless360.

Monitor Azure API App State

If the intention is to monitor the state, say the business demands the API App, to be always running, Serverless360 can monitor the current state of the API App against the expected state.
By associating a API App to a Status Monitor or Threshold Monitor, it is possible to monitor the state and alert through configured notification channels by comparing the current state against the expected state. You can read extensive documentation on Status Monitor and Threshold Monitor.

API Apps State based Monitoring

Monitor Azure API App based on Metrics

The table below lists down the combination of metrics to monitor the API Apps in various perspectives using Serverless360 Data Monitor.

Monitoring Purpose Metrics to Choose
The amount of time for which a central processing unit used for processing CPU Time (Bytes)
Check if the API App is available Server Errors (Count), Health Check Status (Count),Http 101 (Count)
The number of Data comes In and Out to API Apps Data In (Bytes), Data Out (Bytes)
The average amount of time taken to return the results Average Response Time (seconds)
The amount of time taken to return the results Response Time (seconds)
The set of memory pages touched recently by the threads in the process Memory Working Set (Bytes)
The average amount of memory in MiBs used by the app Average Memory Working Set (Bytes)
The number of bytes transferred in input/output operations IO other Bytes Per Second
Checks with grabage collector Gen 0 Garbage Collection (Count),Gen 1 Garbage Collection (Count),Gen 2 Garbage Collection (Count)

Data Monitor can be configured with various combination of metrics to meet various monitoring requirements.

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