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Add entities to Serverless360

  • Updated on 07 Jan 2019
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Serverless360 addresses the key challenges in managing and monitoring Azure serverless offerings in Azure portal. To manage and monitor the Azure Entities in Serverless360, it is necessary to associate the entities. Azure Entities can be associated to Serverless360 in one of the following means,

1. Registering Service Principals:
Serverless360 can gain access to the Azure Entities that need to be managed and monitored through a Service Principal. Service Principal is an Active Directory application with 'Contributor' access on the Resource Groups or Subscription that contain the Azure Entity that needs to be managed and monitored. Azure Entities that can be associated to Serverless360 using Service Principal include Service Bus Queues/ Topics, Logic Apps , Function Apps, Event Hubs, Relays, Event Grid Topic / Subscription, Storage Queues/ Blobs/ Files. Once an Azure Entity is associated to Serverless360 using Service Pricipal it is possible to manage and monitor them in Serverless360.

This illustration can be of quick help to register Service Principal in Serverless360 if you already have the necessary details of a Service Principal with required access to the Azure Entities you would like to manage and monitor. A Friendly Name helps you to identify a service principal in Serverless360, if you register many.

Guide to register Service Principal in Serverless360

The article on 'Register Service Principals' can guide on the step by step procedure from creating a Service Principal in Azure portal to Registering the same in Serverless360.

2. Registering Namespaces:
Another option to associate Azure Enitites like Service Bus Queues/ Topics, Event Hubs and Relays to Serverless360 is by registering the namespace using connection string with Manage Claims.
This illustration can be of quick help to register a namespace connection string to Serverless360 to gain manage and monitor to the entities in the namespace.

Guide to register Namspaces in Serverless360.gif

The article ' Register Namespaces' can guide through the procedure of acquiring a namespace connection string and associating the same to the Serverless360 portal.

Limitation on Monitoring an Entity associated using Namespace Connection String
Data Monitoring which can help in evaluating the availabity, efficiency or reliability of the Azure Entities is possible only on entities associated through Service Principal
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