Accessing Document History
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Accessing Document History

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Article Summary

Accessing Document History

By selecting View history from the Actions dropdown of any of the document configurations, users can now access all the generated documents, including Snapshot comparison documents, for a specific configuration.

Users can narrow down the list of documents by filtering out the document types:

  • Executive summary
  • Resource details
  • Billing details
  • Security compliance
  • Cost comparison
  • Resource Auditing


Different states in document generation

  • Queued - Denotes that the document generation is queued before initiation of its generation to check if no other generation is progressed before.
  • In progress - Denotes that the document generation is in-progress.
  • Published - Represents that the document generation is successfully generated with a document URL.
  • Failed - Denotes that the document generation is been failed with a reason for failure.
  • Cancelled- Indicates that the document generation is been cancelled.

The document that is queued changes to in-progress once there is no generation progressed before it.

Document generation can be cancelled manually in view history blade while generation is in-progress or cancelled automatically when the document generation exceeds more than 6 hours/ if generation happens when there are any technical complications met.

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