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What is Serverless360?

  • Updated on 15 Feb 2019
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Serverless360 is a One platform to Manage and Monitor Azure resources related to Serverless services. In real time scenario, the integrated cloud applications are not built with single technology stack, it typically involves at least 3 or 4 different Azure Services. Currently, Azure Portal is designed more on vertical technology silos and it's difficult to visualize and manage such connected solutions. Serverless360 is one tool that you can depend to manage and monitor all your distributed Azure Services from one place.


Challenges with Azure Portal to manage Composite Cloud Integration Solutions

Over the last few years, Microsoft has built excellent tooling around different technologies. Today, everything is available in one place – the Azure Portal, which is great and helps to manage complex solutions as shown in the above example! However, this brings in its own challenges when it comes to management of distributed solutions.

No Application Visibility

When your Line of Business (LoB) application integrates with different Azure services such as Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Web Jobs etc., there is no easy way you can manage the entire application group as a whole using the Azure Portal. In many cases, the services come from various Azure Subscriptions. It is always difficult to switch between Subscriptions and navigate to the necessary service by drilling down at the technology level.

No Consolidated Monitoring

To monitor distributed applications, there are no options for you to perform consolidated monitoring for the services in Azure Portal. You are either forced to use external tools that solve your monitoring problems partially or build your custom monitoring solutions.

No Deep/Integrated Tooling

Using Azure Portal as a tool to manage your distributed applications? Be aware that each service is available as independent technology silos. Also, there are not many possibilities to operate on the entities. The capabilities are mainly restrictued to manage it at the infrastructure level. You might also have to write your own code or use third party applications (like Service Bus Explorer) to perform operations.

No Application Level Security

With distributed applications, there will be different Azure Services from the different subscriptions. It becomes difficult for administrators to grant permissions to resources in the subscription as they are unable to configure granular level of security for users easily.

We wanted to solve this challenge by bringing a new concept called "Composite Application" management. A Composite Application is a logical entity that you can use to group Azure Services like Service Bus, Logic Apps, Event Hubs etc that constitute a Line of Business Application in your Integration Solution Architecture. These resources can be from different Azure Subscriptions and namespaces.

Hope you will find Serverless360 useful!

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